Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swap Shipping Day: June 30th!

Polka Dots, Lemonade and Parasols

Tick tock says the clock!! We hope all you Sweet Goodness Swapper gals are having fun collecting the polka dots, opening the parasols, and swigging down the pink lemonade for this swap!!

Shipping date is coming up next week--by June 30th your items should be in the mail. While we didn't require you to get a confirmation number, it may be a good idea to track your item if possible and share that number with your partner so they are aware of when to expect your swap items!

We love to check out the photos of all your wonderful swap items so you can upload them here.
Please tell us about the package and who your partner is!!

Thank you all for joining our swaps--please be sure to grab our feed so you can be first to know about our next swap!! We are now limiting our swap to the first 50 or 60 participants to keep things manageable for all, so getting in early is key!


Kimberly Miller said...

I have to say, my partner Renee and I are having a ball shopping and getting to know one another. She and I have the same tastes in so many areas. We decided to keep our swap limited mostly to thrift store and estate sale finds, while keeping within the theme of the swap. It's a passion for both of us to shop in those areas. Can't wait to post pics. Thanks for hooking me up with such a cool person to get to know for the swap.
Having too much fun:

Shawnee said...

I've so got to get on board with the next one! FUN!! You can join mine if I can join yours. LOL!!

Kimberly Miller said...

I just uploaded a bunch of photos of items Renee sent to me.


Paula said...

My swap package post is up. Thanks for another SWEET swap!!

KStar said...

Hi everyone! Just found your blog (from Preppy Pink Crocodile) and look forward to seeing the next swap. What a neat idea!

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