Sunday, June 8, 2008

Partners Paired!

And the Swap is On!!!

The partner emails went out to all participants this weekend. Please let us know asap if you did not receive information from us.

We've included all the partner pairs below. We thought it would be fun for everyone to get to know each other so please take the time to visit each other's blog and say hello!

**If we don't have a link correct or are missing yours (we had several join that did not provide us their blog) please let us know so we can correct or add yours!!!


Dana & Patty

MaryAnne & Glenda

Chrystal & Emma

Joyce & Samantha

Robin & Kersten

Tamy & Ceekay

Leslie & Melissa

Paula & Ali

Rebecca & Melissa

& Kimberly

Cynthia & Julia

Jennifer & Michele

Kelley & Lola

Amy & Leigh Ann

Kelly & Karen

Susan & Sarah

Heidi & Kari

Lucy & Katie S.

Stephanie & Jilly

& Heidi S.

& Katie B.

Lyn & Rachel

Kirsten & Mandi

Geri & Sarah S.

Mary & Maureen

Wendy & Jane

Hope & Jenn

Leah & Tiffany

Wowza--we are so tickled to see so many 'veteran' Sweet Goodness Swappers as well as all the new peeps join us!!

Stay tuned for:

Getting to know you Summer Swap questionairre

Summer Drink recipes

Craft/Art project ideas

Flickr Page for all send outs

And anything else the Goodness Girls can come up with!!!


Leah Yourstone said...

Here is my blog address:

Can't wait to start working on my package!

CalicoDaisy said...

Here is the blog address for Michele of calicodaisy: I'm partnered with Jennifer. Please add. Thanks! (I e-mailed the swap address, too.)