Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman!!! I have a package for you!!

It's hard to believe another swap is coming to close, but just like everything---time flies when you are having fun!!!!
SEND OUT DATE: July 23rd
Are you all knee deep in glitter, glue, tape, paint, and fabric too as you create your containers?? I've seen some really great photo's---don't forget to upload your containers to a separate flickr group so we can choose the Summer Swap container Queen!!
For those of you who played along this swap, we want to sincerely thank you for making this swap one of our biggest yet!!! Timing has been a challenge for some of us (Leigh Ann is in the middle of a huge move across country!!), and Rebecca and I had vacations this last 2 weeks so we appreciate your patience if we had a delay in email response lately.
If you are ready to post your pictures of your swap (sent or recieved) please post here!!
Out of all of our swappers, we did unfortunately have 1 person not respond at all to her partners emails, so this is just a plea from us---if anyone wants to join our next swap, please do so with honest intentions as swapping is a commitment and we really hate for anyone to be disappointed in a flake partner. Luckily she didn't ship anything to her--but still, it is a disappointement.
Okay enough about business---let's get hopping along and finish our projects so they can board the mail lady's truck to your Summer Fun partner's door step!!! Whoooo hooooo!!
Don't forget to join our contest!!!! Post your container (only) to enter here.
*****Stay tuned for our next color swap---it will be warm and fuzzy, on the rocks or frozen, tasty and smooth--anyway you choose, these colors will surely cure away those summer blues!!
***Also upcoming we will have a couple of smaller swaps for the upcoming holidays---so keep your bloglines marked for our next swaparoo!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Just to clear up any confusion, the send out date for the Sumemr Fun Swap has been extending to Monday July 23rd. You can send when you are ready, be sure to let your partner know it's on the way! But please try to have all packages out by Monday the 23rd!

Getting a delivery confirmation number is always a good idea! Last time we asked that you send us that number, however this time I think that if we have a problem with a package not arriving that then we may ask you to send us the number so just keep it handy!

Thanks and SWAP ON!

Friday, July 6, 2007

And the Swap goes on . . .

Hello Summer Fun Swappers!!

How is it going? The swap is in full swing now and we can't wait to see what you've come up with! Not only are the Goodness Girls hard at work on our own swaps but we are also gathering items for prizes! Oh yes, don't forget about the prizes for the most interesting and creative containers! So before you send off your swaps remember to take a clear picture of your decorated container to be loaded into Flickr.

This is the group for uploading ALL of your Summer Swap photos:

For the contest we will have a different group for you to load up a picture of your container if you'd like to enter. I wanted to post that today but Flickr is not working very well at the moment. :( So that will come later!


Has anyone NOT heard from their swap partner at this point? Please contact us at right away!!