Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Swap Coming Soon!

Hello SGS swappers! A new swap will be announced soon so please stay tuned! More details to come after the Easter holiday.

Also, for our Facebook fans, please visit the Discussion Board to see the latest addition - a one on one swap board. This is a place to post ideas for one on one swaps and meet new crafty people. You can post your swap idea and ask those who are interested to send you a message. Once you have a participant you can post a note on the board that your swap is full. Well let me put it in the wonderful words of Swap Mistress Shara:

"Here is an area for people to meet and do one on one swaps. If you are looking to do a certain type of swap - feel free to post what you are looking to swap. If anyone is interested, they can contact you about it. So, be sure to leave your email address or blog address so they can contact you. Once you make contact with each other, it is up to the two of you to agree to a theme, price limit (if needed) and mail out time.

*Disclaimer* These swaps will not be considered part of Sweet Goodness Swaps or the Goodness Girls. If you make an arrangement to swap with someone, make sure you are comfortable with them before you agree to swap. SGS will not be held accountable or responsible for any swaps in this area. However, once you complete a swap, we would love to hear how it turned out!

Don't forget - Be Good and Be Sweet to each other! *And have fun!*"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The New & Improved SGS


We are hard at work here at Sweet Goodness Swaps trying to find ways to improve the quality of your swap experiences. Super smarty pant swap mistress, Shara, suggested we get a Facebook page. So please visit us here! Become our fan and join us for discussions, swap photos and tutorials. We are also now on Twitter - find us by searching SGSwaps or clicking here. Remember you can also join our email list by clicking on the link on the side bar.

We're taking it to the next level. We are also always looking for swap ideas. Our next swap will be announced after Easter. It will be limited to those who have swapped with us in the past OR those who come recommended by our previous swappers. We will be opening swaps to new comers (who do not know any of our previous swappers) in the future when we set up a better screening process. Unfortunately we had too many flakers in the holiday swap.

But please! Join us over at FB and join the Swap Revolution. Always be sweet to each other.