Sunday, April 29, 2007

Coming down from the Pink and Green high!!

Hello Everyone!!
We hope you all enjoyed the S-P-R-I-N-G fling Swap brought to you by "Sweet Goodness Swaps!", the flickr photo's and all of your blog updates have been just out of this world! You all did a fantastic job! I know there are a ton of peeps out there that wish they had joined in, just from the feedback I've been reading!!
Just some housekeeping notes (most of you don't need any nudging but we have a "job" to do, so we must carry on!):
*Please be sure to let your partner know when the swap package arrives if you haven't already
*If you haven't uploaded to flickr, please do!! There is a link provided on the Sweet Goodness Swap site. There are tons of delicious, fun, creative, wonderful pictures out there already but there are only 28 members and we had over 70 in the nudge nudge...please post your goodies! If you don't know how to post on flickr here are some basic instructions: join flickr (and download their uploader program--it makes everything easy peezy), then upload your photos. Join in our group, and then go to "organize" on top. You'll see your photos at the bottom of your screen and a grey box in the middle. Then click on Groups. The Pink and Green group will be in the grey box. Then, drag your pics (one at a time) to the swap icon. Waloh..this should work...hopefully...I think it works...ummmm let's keep our fingers crossed my instructions work ;)
*We hope just about everyone has received their packages....if you HAVE NOT....please email us. Let us know if you have heard from your partner, and if they communicated the mailing was going to be late. We want to make sure we have 100% completion, and no one disappointed!
*Anyone not completing the swap will not be able to participate again (obviously), and negative feedback given on our swap blog--but we know that won't be an issue with our swap..because everyone has been so's just one of those housekeeping items we have to put out there.
Last but not least, Thank you everyone..for joining this fantablulistic swap, it's been alot of fun!!
Please stay tuned for the next one at the end of May, fresh and new with some new twists and bucket loads of fun! :) that will be another 2 color swap...not pink this time and not green, that's as much as we are saying ;)
Lucy and Rebecca

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Post your Pics!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
We hope everyone is having a grand time collecting, crafting, and thrifting away on their Pink and Green Swap items!!! Don't forget, the deadline to ship is April 23rd, so hippity hop yourselves in motion this week to finish up your packages!! Don't forget to take pics of your items you make and recieve so we can all share in your delights!! We are nosey lil peeps around here, ya know!
And speaking of pics, be sure to post on our fickr group for this swap. We just set it up today as several of you lovely ladies (the organized of the bunch :) have already shipped their packages!!
Here's the link to post:

And just to keep all you swap junkies in the loop....we are planning another swap coming up for next month to most likely ship in June, so stay tuned for some "summer lovin" via swap goodies!! Tell your friends that missed this swap to stay in touch, we'll make an announcement after this swap closes for the rules and guidelines (as always, we'll have a twisty turn on this swap to keep your creative juices flowing!!).

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Blast from the Past!

Hello all you Swappers out there!! For those of you who are new to the Sweet Goodness Swaps, I thought you might like to check out our last swap posted on Flickr. We had 35 participants last time and this time there's DOUBLE that number, so I can NOT WAIT, to see all the Sweet Goodies you craft, collect, and create in the name of S-P-R-I-N-G!! I'm having a problem with anyone else?? I mean many words begin with I, 3, 4? 5? if we're lucky, that are nouns anyway?? Guess we are going to have to be IN-genius with this letter to make it work!!

We just want to remind you also to take pics of your swap goodies when you send and receive and post a blurb on your blog about your partner as a gesture of thank you AND...when we are near the end of the swap (April 23 peeps...tick tick tick), we will set up another group on Flickr for you to upload and share your bounty! Yahooo---who doesn't love happy mail??

The question has arose about confirmation numbers.....when you ship, please send your confirmation number to your partner and to us at: and hmmmmm, well....I do believe a swap this size warrants a prize to go out to a random pick of everyone who ships on time and sends a confirmation number!! I'll be on the look out for a neat prize while on my 'cashion' (as said by my wee one) next week for one of you timely swap ladies! Rebecca did the Crown last time, so this one is on me. Too bad I couldn't ship you one of those cute drinks with the umbrella I am bound to have (one or two of)!

Oh could we wishes going out to all our gals for a wonderful Easter with you and yours! Dont sneak in the kiddies basket too much now...we have to watch our figures for the summer months ahead now :)

Happy Swapping and Happy Hopping!!

Lucy and Rebecca!!!