Friday, June 25, 2010

Vote For the Next Swap NOW!

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions for our next Sweet Goodness Swap!  We have looked over all the submissions and narrowed it down to three.  (Some of the other ideas were so good that you just might see them later on in the future).

Here are the choices:

1.  Midsummer's Night Dream Swap submitted by Aimee-Suzanne:

Think: Romantic Shakespearean style, glittering fireflies with gossamer wings, floaty gowns, watercolors & wildflowers, floral garlands, green ferns, vintage instruments and Poetry.

2.  Vintage Drive-In Movie Swap submitted by Paula:

Think: hot vintage cars, singing hot dogs, popcorn, coca-cola, poodle skirts, big hair and Grease. Fun old movie's up through the 70's and even 80's watched under a sky full of stars.

3.  Fruit Crate Label/Fruit Swap submitted by Cakegirl:

Think:  Linens with fruit, berry baskets, anything related to fruits or vegetables.

We felt that all three of these themes fit the summertime theme well.  There is plenty of room for creativity in these swaps too!

Vote for your favorite swap through July 1st. 
Vote for your favorite SWAP Idea! This will be the next SGS swap!
Vintage Drive-In Movie
Mid-Summer's Night Dream
Fruit Crate Labels free polls

Winning swap will be announced shortly thereafter and signups will begin.


Monday, June 7, 2010

New Swap Contest!!!!!

Hello ladies! Are you up for a challenge? We are looking for ideas for our next swap! Have you ever had a good idea for a swap? Something you wanted to swap or make or share?????

Well, here's your chance. Submit your idea or ideas for a possible swap. The Goodness Girls will narrow the ideas down and take all the comments into consideration before we chose a winner.  The winner will win a PRIZE!***

This idea will be the NEXT SWAP for Sweet Goodness Girls.  So, your idea should be an idea that most everyone can accommodate.  The theme can be anything at all - anything!  Just make it fun, fun, fun with lots of different options for everyone.  Don't forget - we like a vintage thrifted sort of theme, so put on your thinking caps!

****What will you win???????  A PRIZE!  (We're still working on that one - but it will be a good prize.  Goodness Girls Honor!)

Leave a comment on this blog or on our Facebook page with your idea.

We can't wait to see them!

***Ideas accepted through June 20th.