Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Fling Swap! Sign Up Now!

Hello! Lucy and I thought it would be great to have a blog just for our swaps so VOILA! Sweet Goodness Swaps was born. We had a wonderful turn out for the last one and hope that both this site and word of mouth will get more crafters involved. So onto to the details . . .


Sign up by: March 26, 2007

Send out by: April 23, 2007

Theme: SPRING! and a bonus theme of Pink & Green

Details: The devil is in the details, right? Nah, we know you love a challenge so we threw together this little gem . . . You will send your partner 6 items that are in the color scheme of pink and green. At least one of these items should be hand made and one should be second hand or thrifted. The others can be crafting supplies, candy, paper, you name it! Easy right? Well here's the catch . . . each item must represent one letter in the word SPRING. For example you could send:

S - stickers (pink and green of course)
P - pretty knitted bag (you see? there is a lot of creative license here)
R - Ring Pop! (mmmmm ring pop)
I - interesting tea towel (Oh "I" is going to be tough LOL)
N - necklace (could be hand made could be thrifted who knows?)
G - goodies! (G is my favorite ha ha)

Anyway, you get the idea. Try your best to be creative in your choices. I have no doubts you will do well!


Please email us at with your name, mailing address and blog address (if you have one.)

QUESTIONS? Send us an email or leave a comment!

Vive La Spring!



Lucy said...

Whooooo hoooo, let the swapping begin!!!

We already have 7 or more participants, so we are on our way ladies to a wonderful turnout for this latest Sweet Goodness swap!!


Heidi said...

Count me in. I love, love, love pink and green and was planning on that color for my girl nursery. Sounds fun.

Lucy said...

****Please also add in your email if you are willing to ship overseas so we can match up partners appropriately***** :)


LeeAnn said...

I sent in an email earlier today to join in the fun. I would be willing to ship overseas.


Colleen said...

Should be tons of fun! Sent off my e-mail to join :). Thanks for hosting another one ladies!

Jammy said...

OOOH I am in, too!


Sonya said...

I'm in for this one! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Leanne said...

I got my package out today!! Yeah! This was so fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy and Rebecca.. I was a bit slow but I got my pictures posted on my site today. Check it out. DJ

Anonymous said...

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