Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Fling Swap Partners

UPDATED: I don't know why some of the partners disappeared! All I can think is that it's typical "blogger ate my homework." I'm so sorry! You will notice some of the links are missing, I believe this is why some of the names weren't showing up. - Rebecca

Hello! FINALLY we have your partners for you. We will also be sending you emails with your partners email and home addresses. Without further ado . . .

Two notes: we are using last initials to avoid any confusion and if there is no blog link to your name but you do in fact have a blog please let us know!

LeeAnn H. & Dinah M.

Maureen T. & Tessa C.

MéLisa M. & Renee K.

Christy H. & Em R.

Heidi G. & Risa P.

Jennifer W. & Dolores G.

Laura W. & Jane L.

Sally B. & Peta J.

Sarah J. & Arlene T.

Tiffany R. & Julie

Paula N. & Susan S.

Jen H-K. & Shara S. (Jen, send us your blog info! :) I linked to your Etsy shop)

Harmony L. & Cuba

Leigh Ann B. & Breanna C.

Laura C. & Fiona Y.

Lynn O. & Christy G.

Monique D. & Dita S.

Bee & Kate B.

Jen F. & Linda H.

Stefanie L. & Sharla M.

Cathy S. & Debbie E.

Stacey & Rebecca F.

Diana F. & Christina G.

Jessica P. & Diana S.

Michelle W. & Carrie A.

Kelli & Trudi M.

Heather P. & Monica W.

Annie P. & DJ H.

Rebecca W. & Elizabeth H.

Leanne H. & Sonya F.

Vallen Q. & Tara B.

Karla N. & Jennifer M. (JennsNook)

Lucy O. & Raesha dRZ

Rebecca R (nee K) & Jenn M.

Nancy & Heidi S.

Kate P-B & Colleen S.

WHEW! That is 72 participants! WOW! We are so excited that so many of you have stepped up to the challenge! And speaking of challenging, we will work to get emails out to you guys with your partners info before the end of this week.

Let's run down the "rules" again, shall we?


Sign up by: March 26, 2007

Send out by: April 23, 2007

Theme: SPRING! and a bonus theme of Pink & Green

Details: You will send your partner 6 items that are in the color scheme of pink and green. At least one of these items should be hand made and one should be second hand or thrifted. The others can be crafting supplies, candy, paper, you name it! Easy right? Well here's the catch . . . each item must represent one letter in the word SPRING.

So for example (but not limited to):

S - sewing supplies
P - pencils
R - really pretty yarn
I - "in my opinion this is a cool mug" (LOL)
N - nicely knit monkey
G - gummi bears

As you can see, you have room to use your creative license to make things fit. HINT: Both P for pink and G for green are in there and no we didn't plan that.

Cost - we have put a dollar amount on this swap of $20 not including shipping. Please try to keep the cost under $20. You don't have to spend that much (or be exact) but we want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

This is the first swap for many of you and we hope it's a wonderful experience! We will be asking you to send your shipping confirmation numbers to us once you send off your swap goodies.


Always be sweet and good!

Rebecca & Lucy


Becca said...

Hi Ladies, I looked and looked but didn't see my name! Am I playing? I noticed some of the names by themselves. Maybe that's it!!

Jenn Maruska said...

I don't see my name either... *sniff*

: ) Jenn

Vallen said...

That's three of us.

Sarah and Jack said...

Yea, there are some problems there. Several folks are without partners. In addition, several of your links are bad. If you ladies need help, you know where to find me.

Trudi said...

My name is missing too.

Am I in it?

Mizfixit said...

Hi! I see my name but the link is to Jenn?????? I'm confused!! LOL No doubt Lucy & Rebecca will sort this out is short order :)


Lucy said...

Yep...we are having some technical difficulties. I'm working on the emails to everyone so please bare with us....we are going to have to edit the post tomorrow! Your official names will be on the emails since we have to edit this post a bit. :)

Thank you for being patient!


thehomespunheart said...

My blog link is missing for my partner...

Monica W.

Life with Aidan said...

My link is absent as well.