Friday, March 30, 2007

I fixed all of the link! I think.

Two notes: we are using last initials to avoid any confusion and if there is no blog link to your name but you do in fact have a blog please let us know!

LeeAnn H. & Dinah M.

Maureen T. & Tessa C.

MéLisa M. & Renee K.

Christy H. & Em R.

Heidi G. & Risa P.

Jennifer W. & Dolores G.

Laura W. & Jane L.

Sally B. & Peta J.

Sarah J. & Arlene T.

Tiffany R. & Julie

Paula N. & Susan S.

Jen H-K. blog& Shara S. (Jen, send us your blog info! :) I linked to your Etsy shop) edit...both are up now :)

Harmony L. & Cuba

Leigh Ann B. & Breanna C.

Laura C. & Fiona Y.

Lynn O. & Christy G.

Monique D. & Dita S.

Bee & Kate B.

Jen F. & Linda H.

Stefanie L. & Sharla M.

Cathy S. & Debbie E.

Stacey & Rebecca F.

Diana F. & Christina G.

Jessica P. & Diana S.

Michelle W. & Carrie A.

Kelli & Trudi M.

Heather P. & Monica W.

Annie P. & DJ H.

Rebecca W. & Elizabeth H.

Leanne H. & Sonya F.

Vallen Q. & Tara B.

Karla N. & Jennifer M. (JennsNook)

Lucy O. & Raesha dRZ

Rebecca R (nee K) & Jenn M.

Nancy & Heidi S.

Kate P-B & Colleen S.

If there are still issues please let me know!


***Note from Lucy, I fixed a couple of more so again, please let us know if we missed anyone or have jumbled the links :) Swap away spring peeps, swap away!


Mizfixit said...

Hi Rebecca! My link is still kerflooey! I think it's for Jenn! Mine is

I can't believe there's 72 of us.. WOW! I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with all of us! Thanks to you and Lucy for all your hard work getting this organized :)


Sarah and Jack said...

Wow. That was a lot of blog surfing I just did. LOL

Julian said...

where do we send our confirmation number?
christina gomez

Lucy said...

When you ship, please send your confirmation numbers to both your partner and to


Tiffany said...

yay! Thanks for all the hard work girls. Julie and I started emailing each other already!