Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Partners/links not quite finished yet...

Hello everyone!! This is a work in progress as far as getting the links you can see we have to fix a couple of links. What I'm going to do tonite is work on the emails and then I will try to post again on Sweet Goodness partner info w/o the links for sake of time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding (Rebecca and I are working during the day so trying to type and cordinate during lunch/breaks).

Have no fear...partner info will be solidifed by tomorrow, 3/29!!

Don't let that stop you from getting all that's Pink and Green and everything


***Editorial--everyone (with the exception of a couple of latecomers) should have received an email from me tonite with your partner info. Please let us know if you did NOT receive this email!!! We have to go back and edit the link post so please be patient as this is a work in progress! Thank you for joining in on the fun! It's a little to late for me to list on the partners again but we will have an official post up hopefully tomorrow! Whooo hoooo we are Swapping On now!!

Thank you again everyone for joining in and playing nice! :)

Wishing you all things Sweet and Good!


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