Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swap button up for grabs!

Hello Sweet Goodness Swappers! We hope you've all been in touch with your partners and are starting to get excited about creating a great package for them. Remember, if you haven't been able to get in touch with your partner by the end of this week, please let us know ASAP by sending an email to This swap window is a bit shorter than most of our others so we don't want you to waste any time!

We've created a swap button that you can put on your blog sidebar; you can see it over in the sidebar to the right -------> The code is right below it to install on your blog.

Here are instructions on how to install the button to a Blogger blog (Typepad or Wordpress users, I'm sorry but you're on your own!):

1. Open your blog and go to where it says "Customize" to get to the Add and Arrange Page Elements page. Click on "Add a Gadget" in the sidebar. Choose "HTML/JavaScript."

2. Copy the code in the box from the Sweet Goodness blog (that little box right below the swap button). Paste it into the "Content" box in your HTML/JavaScript window. You can choose to title it or not. Save to exit the window.

3. Save the changes to your blog and check out your new button! When you click on the swap button it should bring you here to the swap blog.

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TheTatums said...

I added the button to my blog. Thanks!