Sunday, April 15, 2007

Post your Pics!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
We hope everyone is having a grand time collecting, crafting, and thrifting away on their Pink and Green Swap items!!! Don't forget, the deadline to ship is April 23rd, so hippity hop yourselves in motion this week to finish up your packages!! Don't forget to take pics of your items you make and recieve so we can all share in your delights!! We are nosey lil peeps around here, ya know!
And speaking of pics, be sure to post on our fickr group for this swap. We just set it up today as several of you lovely ladies (the organized of the bunch :) have already shipped their packages!!
Here's the link to post:

And just to keep all you swap junkies in the loop....we are planning another swap coming up for next month to most likely ship in June, so stay tuned for some "summer lovin" via swap goodies!! Tell your friends that missed this swap to stay in touch, we'll make an announcement after this swap closes for the rules and guidelines (as always, we'll have a twisty turn on this swap to keep your creative juices flowing!!).


The ParTea Planner said...

Dear Rebecca & Lucy,
I would like to thank the both of you for organizing this oh-so-much-fun swap! These things take a lot of energy to coordinate and your gift of time with making it happen for all of us is very much appreciated. On a personal note, y'all helped me get back on the crafty wagon and it made me happy! Thanks again.... Kindly, *Risa, The ParTea Planner

Lucy said...

Awww--thank you Risa! We had a lot of fun and so glad it bumped you backed in the craftin' groove!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Still trying to get my camera up and running. I hope to have my pics up soon!


Anonymous said...

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