Sunday, April 29, 2007

Coming down from the Pink and Green high!!

Hello Everyone!!
We hope you all enjoyed the S-P-R-I-N-G fling Swap brought to you by "Sweet Goodness Swaps!", the flickr photo's and all of your blog updates have been just out of this world! You all did a fantastic job! I know there are a ton of peeps out there that wish they had joined in, just from the feedback I've been reading!!
Just some housekeeping notes (most of you don't need any nudging but we have a "job" to do, so we must carry on!):
*Please be sure to let your partner know when the swap package arrives if you haven't already
*If you haven't uploaded to flickr, please do!! There is a link provided on the Sweet Goodness Swap site. There are tons of delicious, fun, creative, wonderful pictures out there already but there are only 28 members and we had over 70 in the nudge nudge...please post your goodies! If you don't know how to post on flickr here are some basic instructions: join flickr (and download their uploader program--it makes everything easy peezy), then upload your photos. Join in our group, and then go to "organize" on top. You'll see your photos at the bottom of your screen and a grey box in the middle. Then click on Groups. The Pink and Green group will be in the grey box. Then, drag your pics (one at a time) to the swap icon. Waloh..this should work...hopefully...I think it works...ummmm let's keep our fingers crossed my instructions work ;)
*We hope just about everyone has received their packages....if you HAVE NOT....please email us. Let us know if you have heard from your partner, and if they communicated the mailing was going to be late. We want to make sure we have 100% completion, and no one disappointed!
*Anyone not completing the swap will not be able to participate again (obviously), and negative feedback given on our swap blog--but we know that won't be an issue with our swap..because everyone has been so's just one of those housekeeping items we have to put out there.
Last but not least, Thank you everyone..for joining this fantablulistic swap, it's been alot of fun!!
Please stay tuned for the next one at the end of May, fresh and new with some new twists and bucket loads of fun! :) that will be another 2 color swap...not pink this time and not green, that's as much as we are saying ;)
Lucy and Rebecca


Lucy said...

Don't ask me how I linked an entire post...but I did...LOL. Put that one down in blog history!

Paula said...

I'm a little slow, but my package from Susan is now posted on my site.
Come take a peek.
(I'm apparantely not very intelligent and can't seem to figure out how to JOIN the flicker group. Is there a "join this group" icon that I'm missing??

Renee said...

Hey Paula, I had trouble cause I am new to flickr, but I just searched the group and I found that the nice little help icon in the right hand corner is a life savor I so couldn't figure anything out, until I saw that. Just after you click on help go over to the FAQs and click on that and then scroll down there is a section there.
Hope that helps.

Becca said...

Whew! It's in the mail. I'm a late-runner but I feel so much better now that the package is on its way! thanks for the nudge.

The Urban Chic said...

I just looked at some of the great swaps you all have and am interested in how to go about joining some of the swaps. Could you leave me a post on my blog? MizSmoochie can tell you about me. Thanks so much.

Mom said...

I don't think I can wait until the end of May! Do you think maybe you could give a few more hints? ~smile~

tamy said...

fell onto this site by accident ah ah ah!! fabulous...count me in on the next one please!!

Farmer Di said...

Family emergency...all will be okay but my package went out late! I have contacted Jess...Sorry Jess...It is packaged & on the way to be mailed. I had a blast doing this & let me tell you the blogs & flickr have helped me keep some of my sanity! Thanks Ladies!
Diana aka Farmer Di

Heidi said...

Thank you for finally encouraging me to join flicker! I posted my photos today. I got the greatest goodies from my swap partner. Thanks for another great swap.

iSew said...

I'll be watching your blog, I want to get in on the fun next time.

Jammy said...

Looking forward to it!!!!

Mom said...

It's the middle of May...can't we have a teeny tiny hint? I'm gettin antsy :)

Renee said...

I don't know if I can wait muh longer I am getting way to exited how about a tiny hint? Pretty Please