Monday, October 19, 2009

Swapping Etiquette - Wrapping Packages

Have you ever sent a lovely box full of wrapped goodness, only to receive a box of things thrown into a box? Well, that's no fun. Or maybe you are new to the swapping world and you received a box of goodness all wrapped up in tissue paper, wrapping paper and ribbon and just sent yours in a box.

Although there are no set rules in the world of swapping, there are a few guidelines. First, follow the set theme. Second make your box reflect the taste of the person you are sending it to - not necessarily your taste. Third, make your package fun to look at and fun to open. That's the focus of this post today.

Let's pretend that the photos in this post are for a "Pink Vintage" Swap. By reading through your partner's blog you see that they collect vintage birthday items, pottery and tablecloths so those are the main things you find to send them (along with more goodies to round out the set price limit).

"Oh, what's this on my doorstep? Oh! My swap package is here!"

"What's this? Plastic bags?"

" A jumble of stuff?"

The items look good. But, they could look much better.

Let's try that again.... with a few ideas to make your package *POP*!

"What's that on my doorstep? Oh! it must be my swap package!"

Pink tissue paper, a card to the recipient and a calling card from the sender.

Under the first layer of tissue paper - a taste of what's to come - pretty pink doily's, a pink horse show ribbon and a sweet pink bird.

Under that layer of tissue paper - lots of goodness all wrapped and specially packaged.

It's like Christmas! Lots of presents to open. You know, they are presents. Even though you are "swapping" you are really sending presents to the other person.

Make it fun to receive!

A sweet pink gift bag that fits the theme, filled with pink tissue paper and a sweet pink vintage doll peeking out of the wrapping.

The tablecloth is too lovely to wrap - so how about a tulle bag or just a ribbon around it?

A small pink Chinese take out inspired box with a "Happy Birthday" pick attached and a vintage Birthday Candle box.

Inside the container - pink cupcake picks, pink cupcake liners and pink ballerina cupcake toppers.

A prettily wrapped package could contain anything. If your partner collects blue aprons, send a vintage blue apron, but wrap it in pink so that it fits the theme.
Some wrapping is for looks, others are for protection.
Why not make it for both?

Inside the pink tissue paper, a vintage pinkish vase - a sweet vintage pink floral pin attached to the outside.
The end result is the same items. But, having them arrive in a well wrapped box, and having each item wrapped certainly makes it more fun to receive.

Use your imagination. Find items that can be used as gifts, but als0 as fun packaging. You can place a small fragile gift inside a oven mitt, or fill a vintage tin with ephemera items. The goal should be to make your package lovely to look at and lovely to open.

But, don't stress - HAVE FUN putting your package together and look forward to receiving your swap!


Jenna Z said...

What a wonderful way to illustrate this topic! Great ideas, we all love getting wrapped presents to open one at a time, it enhances to experience so much!

SierraMoon said...

well this was exactly what i experienced last week in a French swap (plastic bag & no note from the sender)

how can we have the entire blogland read this fabulous post ?!!

(although i think a pretty package is a matter of respecting your swap partner and this should be obvious...?)

nattyj said...

This is Wonderful! I am new to swapping and have posted 3-4 packages now from Australia to overseas destinations and I have wrapped all my nicely, cause I know how excited I get when someone sends you something all wrapped up and presented nicely. And also know what it's like just to get something in an envelope written on paper, when it could have been presented much better with no real effort.

Jules said...

Hallelujah i hear you sister,I have been on the receiving end of both anf i know which I prefer.Its the best part of swapping to make it look delicious.

Shara said...

Thanks ladies - glad you liked the swap. Spread the word for others to read. Pretty packages aren't mandatory, but they sure are more FUN!!!!! I always thought it was obvious too, but since becoming a Goodness Girls, I have discovered that it isn't. Spread the word...:D