Friday, July 10, 2009

Swap Questionnaire reminder

Good Friday morning, Swappers! :)

We hope you had a fun July 4th holiday weekend and were able to enjoy some of the treasures you received from your swap partners. Now that things have calmed down a bit, we hope you'll consider filling out and emailing us your answers to the Post Swap Questionnaire. (You'll find the questions in the post just below this one.) We've already received some responses and they've been very helpful to us as swap organizers so that we know what we can do to help our swappers send & receive the best packages possible. We definitely want to know what we can do to educate our swappers and improve our swaps, and we'd love to have more responses--so keep them coming!

Also, (and we hate to have to include this part) if there is anyone out there who hasn't yet received a swap package, please email us ASAP! If for some reason you haven't sent your swap package--contact your partner IMMEDIATELY and let them know what's going on! We truly hate for any of our swappers to have a bad experience in one of our swaps.

For everyone else, thanks so much for participating in our swap! Be sure to pop over to the Flickr group and see all the fun and creative ways our participants interpreted the theme--we know you'll be inspired! And send us those post-swap surveys!

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