Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Summer Fun Swap Partner Info


Here it is. The swap partner information that you've all been waiting for. We have 35 pairs!

Everyone should have received an email with their partner's information. Please let us know if you have not received it. Also let us know if we did not link to your blog below.

Jen H. & Sarah K.

Paula N. & Jennifer W.

Tammy O. & Ginny K.

DJ H. & Heidi B.

Amy M. & Sarah B.

Carrie A. & Alexandra M.

Monica W. & Jolena M.

Stacey C. & Tonette B.

Jessica B. & Jane A.

Cindy H. & Kirsten K.

Maureen T. & Felicia

Tara B. & Karla F.

Jennifer M. & Andie

Renee K. & Amy P.

Chara P. & Gabreial

Lois C. & Karen H.

Lisa C. & Wendy P.

Anne P. & Catieann P.

Elise R. & LeeAnn H.

Trudi A. & Patti L.

Tamy B. & Rachelle C.

Linda P. & Christina J.

Denise W. & Mary A.

Laura G. & Jodi R.

Cheryl C. & Jeannie R.

Heidi G. & Leigh Ann

Dinah M. & Evelyn L.

Jenn M. & Jane L.

Monique & Lynsey

Raesha & Katie B.

Kara S. & Mandi K.

Shara S. & Christy H.

Rebecca & Dana B.

Heidi S. & Sarah J.

Breanna & Jodi

Connie & Dita (no blogs, ladies think about starting them! :) )

Em R. & Cindy

Ok, ladies - go forth and create, thrift, and have some fun!

Cheers! The Goodness Girls

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Call for Swappers!

Hurry, don't be late--tomorrow's the last sign up date!!!
Join us for the Summer Bucket Full of Fun Swap--see a couple posts below for more details and sign up info!!
((Bucket--can be interpreted as a container of sorts, bag, basket---anything your little heart desires as long as you embellish it and it is in one or both of the swap colors)
Thank you to ALL of our swappers, veterens and newbies for making all of our swaps so successful--your creativity inspires us, and your friendship makes all the hard work, worthwhile!
If you are new and thinking about joining a great group of thrift/craft girls, please do so!! As always, we take pride in having an awesome track record with the last few swaps having a 99% completion rate---but--we are committed to ensuring we have 100% completion rate for all future swaps, so please only join if you are sure you can complete the swap and fulfill the guidelines. We don't want anyone to be disappointed!
So now---we are about to let the swap begin---sign up now if you haven't already!
The Goodness Girls!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer Fun Swap Button

Leigh Ann has made us a wonderful button for the Summer Fun Swap!

Right click and save or go here for a URL address.

Thanks, LA!