Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Summer Fun Swap Partner Info


Here it is. The swap partner information that you've all been waiting for. We have 35 pairs!

Everyone should have received an email with their partner's information. Please let us know if you have not received it. Also let us know if we did not link to your blog below.

Jen H. & Sarah K.

Paula N. & Jennifer W.

Tammy O. & Ginny K.

DJ H. & Heidi B.

Amy M. & Sarah B.

Carrie A. & Alexandra M.

Monica W. & Jolena M.

Stacey C. & Tonette B.

Jessica B. & Jane A.

Cindy H. & Kirsten K.

Maureen T. & Felicia

Tara B. & Karla F.

Jennifer M. & Andie

Renee K. & Amy P.

Chara P. & Gabreial

Lois C. & Karen H.

Lisa C. & Wendy P.

Anne P. & Catieann P.

Elise R. & LeeAnn H.

Trudi A. & Patti L.

Tamy B. & Rachelle C.

Linda P. & Christina J.

Denise W. & Mary A.

Laura G. & Jodi R.

Cheryl C. & Jeannie R.

Heidi G. & Leigh Ann

Dinah M. & Evelyn L.

Jenn M. & Jane L.

Monique & Lynsey

Raesha & Katie B.

Kara S. & Mandi K.

Shara S. & Christy H.

Rebecca & Dana B.

Heidi S. & Sarah J.

Breanna & Jodi

Connie & Dita (no blogs, ladies think about starting them! :) )

Em R. & Cindy

Ok, ladies - go forth and create, thrift, and have some fun!

Cheers! The Goodness Girls


Lucy said...

Wow---what a list of creative and crafty ladygeniuses!!

Thank you Leigh Ann for putting this together--I can already tell I'm going to spend hours visiting all these new friends!


Jenn Maruska said...

Wow - lots of folks!

You could link to my blog too, please : )

Farmer Di said...

Hi there

I am not on the list...i left my info on the comments... I must have done something wrong~
I'll try again next time!

Everyone have fun!
Diana aka Farmer Di

Lucy said...

Diana--I'm so sorry we missed you this time. We saw a message on the comments that said you would be watching for the sign ups but then we didn't hear back from you via the email with the info we needed from everyone :( We will have another swap at the end of summer to get us in the mood for fall and the holidays!

Please keep us on your bloglines for new updates!!


Vallen said...

I always do something wrong to not get on the list. My package is ready. Is there hope?

Cheryl said...

Are you going to create a flickr group for everyone to post their photos???

Vallen said...

Farmer Di I can't seem to email you but if you want to swap with me I'd be willing.