Monday, October 22, 2007

Tags and Swags!

All you Sweet Goodness Swap Sisters out there, our October swap date has come and gone, so it's almost time to get your Tags and Garland on for our November swap. Check out this photo here, courtesy of Gigi who started early with this luscious candy garland for her partner.
Here's some info that she so "Sweetly" passed on:
Hi ladies~
So these are my first attempts at garland making in general so I pretty much "winged it" ~ that's how I roll these days : ).... love to "not "know what I'm doing! LOL
I wasn't sure how long they would take to do so I didn't precut my length of yarn. I spread out on a nice clean vaccummed floor ontop of a picnic cloth. If you have pets I suggest this (noone wants kitty hair tied up in their garland)!
I tried to figure out a pattern first before I started to tie the candy on.
For the main string I used regular cotton yarn (nothing stiff but not flimsy either). Then for the string that I used to tie on all the candy I used that really thin crocheting type of thread (nice and cheap 400 yards for $1.50). I tried to pick candy that is twisted at both ends so it's easy to tie onto the main yarn. I imagine you could tie them into bows if you wanted to but I opted for tying them into knots for security. The one garland that has all of the Smarties on it took a few hours, but the one with pom poms went very fast. I used a thin string with a needle and strung the pom poms on first ~ spaced them out how I wanted and came back to tie the candy on last. So I think that about does it! Hope the directions make sense : ) Please message me if you need more info! Thanks : )
To see more of Gigi's fun creations check out one of her several blogs!
Be sure to upload your October pictures here!! There are already a bunch of fun "Sweet Goodness October Treats" featured, and that's no Trick! :)
Reminder for November, your package should include a selection of handmade gift tags & a garland, banner, or swag for our "Swags and Tags" portion of our swap. Tags are simple and so fun, there's tons of great pictures on flickr or check out etsy for inspiration! Banners & garland celebrate the coming of a season, a celebration of someone or something, or proclaim the oncoming of a grand occasion. Use your imagination, go with the season, or perhaps celebrate your partners "Creativity". Or, shout it out with her name on a flag!---Whether it's your first banner, swag, or tag--be creative and make something your partner would hang proudly on her mantle, doorway, window, or above her desk! Most of all, have fun!. For more ideas, check out the links I featured in our discussion on the October swap page.
Send out date is on or before November 20th!
If any one wants to share tutorials or links, please leave a link in the comment section for more tags and swag ideas!

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