Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December Swap!!

Hello all of our Sweet Goodness Swap Sisters!!

This post is just a little late. I'll blame it on the dog-he ate my mouse and couldn't post anything for a few days...snicker....snort! ;) Okay, so it wasn't really the dog. I've got holidayitis which means that everything is running a few days late but it will all get done even if I have to stay up all night to do it a few nights! Why do we do this to ourselves??? My 2008 resolution needs to be, don't put too many things on your list, don't bite off more than you should chew, and not wish for Fridays as the days go by fast enough as it is.

With that said-hopefully most of your final swap packages are safely in route to your Sweet Goodness Swap Sister and you have all enjoyed getting to know your partner! Rebecca and I have heard a lot of good feedback on most of the pairings so we hope you agree this was a successul swap.

Please be sure to upload your pictures to ,Flickr on our December swap group. As soon as we have more pictures uploaded we will recap the 3 swaps, and have a final posting.

Thank you all for your participation, you holiday and sisterly spirit, and for sharing your creativity with a friend you had never met before.

Happy Holidays to All!!




PS---if you should need to contact us, please do so through our blogs or regular emails through the end of December.

johl3 at windstream dot net